New Art Series Up Through 5/23

March 15, 2016

Our next Whiskey and Art art installation features a new vintage photography series from Shawn Kieffer.

Shawn is a Chicago photographer who continues to expand his artistic career and love for photography by traveling the world, documenting subjects around him, and pursuing new photography projects.

For this series of ‘Whiskey & Art,’ Shawn created the photography series, “Original Instagrammers,” which is a series of digital photographs documenting a variety of vintage film cameras. The images are converted to black and white and printed directly on aluminum plates. The process is a play on modern day image capturing and printing techniques with an ode to the antique process, such as Tintype printing. Restraining the dimensions to a square format brings the subject back around to the Instagram world we live in today.

All pieces will be available for sale at DryHop March 15 through May 23.

Check out more of Shawn’s work here:
Twitter: @kiefferphoto
Instagram: @kiefstar

Camera 7 SQ 2x2 Camera 1930 SQ 2x2 Camera BACK SQ 2x2 Camera Brownie SQ 2x2 Camera DISC SQ 2x2 Camera IMPERIAL SQ 2x2 Camera ONESTEP SQ 2x2 Camera XRAY SQ 2x2

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