Randy Mosher Art Series Up Through 7/11

May 31, 2016

For Chicago Craft Beer Week, we hosted our 3rd annual Beer and Art event on Tuesday, May 24, and we featured the release of our first collaboration with 5 Rabbit Cerveceria, a tap takeover from 5 Rabbit, and work from Randy Mosher.

Randy developed and built a custom three-color woodcut piece dedicated to our beer collaboration, and also provided us with mounted beer labels he’s created for breweries over the years. His art will be up and available for purchase through July 11, 2016. More details about the available art is below.

Xocomil (24” x 24”)
Framed: $300 (sold out) / Unframed: $150
Three-color plywood-cut on archival paper / Edition of 10 Framed: $300 / Unframed: $150 It was pure fate that the word “Xocomil” has the unique characteristic of a symmetrical letter right in the middle, allowing Randy to arrange 2 copies of it into an “X.” The word itself is the name of a wind that blows on Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán, and literally means “The wind that carried away sin.”

The spirals indicate the wind and water, but in old Mayan images also can mean speech. Most ancient Mesoamerican societies divided their cosmos into 4 quadrants, and this image reflects this also.

As for aesthetics, he chose to carve the images on plywood, which telegraphs its imperfections onto the paper. A lot of Latin folk art shares a similar quality, of something meaningful and beautiful springing from the humblest materials, the hand of the artist always present.

Xocomil 1mr.jpg

5 Lizard Latin-Style Witbier with Passionfruit (18.5” x 24”)
This label represents one more of the five Aztec Gods of Excess, slithering amidst passion flowers.

5R 5L LablM 4.1a.jpg
5 Rabbit Golden Ale (18.5” x 24”)
Going for a rich, textured, folkloric feeling. Typical rabbit attitude, laughing in the face of danger.

5R 5R LablM 4.1.jpg
5 Rabbit Ca Cao. (24” x 20”)
A complex beer based on Mayan chocolate recipes. Glyph represents the Mayan word for cacao: ka-ka-wa. It is surrounded by chococabras.

5R Ca-Cao LablM 2.6.jpg
Flywheel Pilsner, Metropolitan Brewing Company (22” x 24”)
Doug and Tracy of Metro wanted a Steam-punk-meets- steel-mill look, with an elegant touch of art nouveau.

Metro Fly LablM 2.0.jpg
Demoiselle Coffee Porter, Cervejaria Colorado (24” x 23”)
Named for the airplane for the fascinating and famous Brazilian pioneer of aviation, Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Colo Demois LablM 1.5.jpg
Paas Bryg (Easter beer), Bryggeri Jefferson/Ørbaek (16.5” x 24”)
A menacing bunny seemed about right for this seasonal brew.

Jeff Paas Sampl

Dark Sun Stout, Three Floyds Brewing Company (24” x 22.75”)
Art for this was based on a tattoo on Nick Floyd’s elbow.

3f BS 22 lablM 1.4a.jpg

Each above mounted beer label is $150, which includes Randy’s signature.

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