New Local Art Series by WalkerTKL Up Through 11/14

September 14, 2016

Our current ‘Whiskey and Art’ event unveiled a new series by WalkerTKL, an illustrator, designer, and screen printer from Chicago.

WalkerTKL uses his visual artwork as a means to disseminate chill vibes into the world. His work consists of realistic drawings juxtaposed with areas of flat, bright color. His influences include pop music and fruit snacks.

For this edition of ‘Whiskey & Art,’ he created a series called ‘Tributary’ and describes it via the following:

Our experiences, both personal and collective, are often broken down into singular, linear events. In trying to gain understanding of my own life as well as others’ lives, I’ve come to accept that there are innumerable, non-linear experiences that shape who we are. This visual motif and series is my embrace of the abstract and unknowable, acknowledging that smaller decisions, forces and events feed into our identities.

All pieces will be available for sale at DryHop September 13 through November 14.

Check out more of Walker’s work here:
Instagram/Twitter: @walkertkl

circle trib


fka magenta


Flora Black


Flora Green


Flora Plum




Tributary Grid



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