New Local Art Series by Mik & Becca Major Up Through 1/23/17

November 15, 2016

Our November 15 ‘Whiskey and Art’ event featured the unveiling of a new series by Mik and Becca Major, local photographers.

Mik and Becca Major are inspired by travel, light, and patterns. Before being set up on a date (2008) and getting hitched (2013), they had each been photographing for years, and love their newfound partnership creating graphic lifestyle photography. After taking a year to hop around the world, they are happy to be back home in Chicago and thrilled to show their work at their neighborhood brewery.

For this edition of ‘Whiskey & Art,’ Mik and Becca created a series called ‘Major Departure:’

About Major Departure:
Mik and Becca aim to immerse themselves in local cultures to capture fragments of everyday life in communities around the world. This opened their eyes to the incredible diversity of our world community, and also to so many similarities that we as humanity share. It’s important to respect and cherish both our similarities as well as the diversity that makes us all unique. They come away with graphic, bright, colorful, full-of-life photographs.

All pieces will be available for sale at DryHop November 15 through January 23, 2017.

Check out more of Mik and Becca’s work here:






















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