New Art Series by Cathy Quintero

July 26, 2017

Our July 17 ‘Whiskey and Art’ event featured the unveiling of a new series by Cathy Quintero, a teacher and mixed media artist based in Chicago. Her digital photography fuses the traditional and digital processes to reflect the merging of cultures.

For this edition of ‘Whiskey & Art,’ Cathy created a series called Speaking in Textiles, which is dedicated to the cross-cultural craft of weaving. It is a common thread that connects people from different parts of the world and has sustained generations. Reinforcing the power of fibers as a cultural bridge, the way the textiles are sourced is a significant part of Cathy’s process. Textiles in this series are sourced from artisans, friends and fair trade businesses from Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and Thailand.

All pieces will be available for sale at the brewery through mid-September. Check out more of Cathy’s work here:

Speaking in Textiles Series

Speaking in Textiles 6 Speaking in Textiles 5 Speaking in Textiles 4 Speaking in Textiles 3 Speaking in Textiles 2 Speaking in Textiles 1

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