Brant Dubovick is one of Chicago’s best brewers.

Originally from New York and Pennsylvania by way of Church Brew Works, Brant’s ten years of experience brought him here to DryHop in Lakeview, Chicago. He’s developed flagship beers, taken home a GABF gold, run a brew house — and now he’s ready to take on a new challenge — the brewery and kitchen.

Collaboration is our middle name. It’s what makes us tick. That means brewing for flavors in the brew kettle that complement the flavors on a plate, and vice versa. Brant’s creativity and level of expertise is the backbone.

Brant creates craft beers that are rebellious, challenging, unconventional, and push the boundaries of brewing. Prepare to be rocked.

To do that, Brant ensures he has as much control over the process as possible. He insulated our unitanks with dual zone glycol jackets for precise temperature control throughout the fermentation process. And individually controlled serving tanks enable us to serve each beer at the perfect temperature — bringing each and every flavor element to life exactly as it was intended.

Sound like a lot of work for a beer? That’s because it is. And Brant knows that it’s the only way to brew.