Growlers & Cans

This is where the magic happens.

Growlers and cans. It’s all about freshness and sustainability. When you enjoy craft beer from one of these vessels, it means that it came straight from our brewery. No time in a warehouse, no trucks, no liquor store shelves. Just you and the brewery. Deliciously fresh craft beer.

Because growlers and cans are so fresh, you get all the same aromatics, all the great bitterness, deep malts, and delicate flavors you’d get if you drank them while sitting at DryHop.

They are both filled to-go and meant to be consumed fresh for your instant enjoyment.

64oz Growlers
Multi-use vessel that exists to be refilled. Every time you fill a growler, you keep cardboard and glass out of a landfill.

32oz Cans
One-use vessel filled to order. Cans are lightweight, recyclable, won’t shatter, and can go places where glass can’t. Remember to be kind and recycle – it will be reborn in a month.

Growlers and cans are perfect. Just like you.